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"I'm so fortunate to love what I do."

My art is about the creative process and where it leads me. It is very personal and emotional filled with color, energy and movement. I love to experiment with various media, textures, styles and new themes. I may work with the unfamiliar and as the artwork evolves my impressions, sentiments, and feelings emerge spontaneously.

Roni Murillo is an Award-Winning artist who’s work has been featured in many galleries, publications and private collections in the United States, Asia and Central and South America. She is a creative visual artist based in New York and has an extensive background in branding, graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art. Her art foundation of watercolor, acrylic, charcoal and ink are reflected in her current digital projects.

Ms. Murillo received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University. Further artistic training continued at the Art Student’s League and Parsons School of Design in New York City.  She has been commissioned to do pieces for home, office and theater.

Taking on a personal and emotional feeling while working in various media and styles, her paintings and graphic illustrations are filled with color, energy and movement.

Her business background includes that of being a Manager for a Graphic Design Studio and the Director of Research & Development for a large toy, stationary and leisure products company. She has also served in the capacity of Creative Director for Package Design and New Product Development.

Combining her business expertise and artistic talent, Ms. Murillo has utilized her graphic design techniques to create effective brochures, flyers, event posters and promotional and marketing materials for her clients.

​ The Art of Roni Murillo      New York, NY